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Indeed, off camera, one of the gentlemen quaffing glass after glass of Fiuggi told me it was the equivalent of “liquid Viagra.” Srivastava, T.; Alon, U.S. Pathophysiology of hypercalciuria in children. Pediatr. Nephrol. 2007, 22, 1659–1673. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] [ PubMed][ Green Version] Fiuggi is home to several spas that incorporate the Fiuggi water as part of their hydrotherapy treatment. [5] Culture [ edit ] Marra, G.; Taroni, F.; Berrettini, A.; Montanari, E.; Manzoni, G.; Montini, G. Pediatric nephrolithiasis: A systematic approach from diagnosis to treatment. J. Nephrol. 2019, 32, 199–210. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] The heat of the summer months in nearby Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast is forgotten in a couple of minutes. Upon arriving at Palazzo Fiuggi, one immediately has the impression of being catapulted into a green, cool, unspoilt area.

Kang, D.E.; Sur, R.L.; Haleblian, G.E.; Fitzsimons, N.J.; Borawski, K.M.; Preminger, G.M. Long-term lemonade based dietary manipulation in patients with hypocitraturic nephrolithiasis. J. Urol. 2007, 177, 1358–1362; discussion 1362; quiz 1591. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] Despite the statistically nonsignificant finding, Hönow et al. [ 19] reported that grapefruit juice was seen to make urine slightly alkaline, but this did not contribute toward the risk of stone formation with grapefruit juice. This is contradicted by the 1996 and 1998 study by Curhan et al. [ 28, 29] and Taylor and Curhan [ 9] as they discussed how grapefruit juice tends to increase the risk of stone formation, though the reason behind this is unclear. Kovacevic, L.; Wolfe-Christensen, C.; Edwards, L.; Sadaps, M.; Lakshmanan, Y. From hypercalciuria to hypocitraturia—A shifting trend in pediatric urolithiasis? J. Urol. 2012, 188, 1623–1627. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef]Fiuggi, originally called Anticoli di Campagna, gained fame as early as the 14th century, when Pope Boniface VIII claimed his kidney stones had been healed by the mineral waters from the nearby Fiuggi spring. Two centuries later Michelangelo also extolled the virtues of the water that cured him of what he called "the only kind of stone I couldn't love." Soon Acqua di Fiuggi was being sent in bottles to all of Europe's royalty. Not until the turn of the 20th century did it become fashionable to make pilgrimages to spa towns, and it was around this time that the King of Italy renamed Anticoli in honor of its most celebrated attraction - The Fiuggi Water. [3] Immerse yourself in a heaven of tranquillity and embark on a journey of rejuvenation, where every moment is designed to revitalize your senses and nourish your well-being. Experience the epitome of an unforgettable fall at Palazzo Fiuggi, where wellness takes center stage. Cunningham, P.; Noble, H.; Al-Modhefer, A.K.; Walsh, I. Kidney stones: Pathophysiology, diagnosis and management. Br. J. Nurs. 2016, 25, 1112–1116. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef][ Green Version] Hoppe, B.; Leumann, E.; Milliner, D. Urolithiasis and Nephrocalcinosis in Childhood. Compr. Pediatr. Nephrol. 2008, 499–525. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] The town is composed of two different inhabited centers: Fiuggi City which is the nucleus of the oldest settlement and the most modern Fiuggi Fonte, inserted in the thermal area.

NIH. Nutrient Recommendations: Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI). Available online: https://ods.od.nih.gov/HealthInformation/nutrientrecommendations.aspx#dv (accessed on 5 September 2022). The city and its healing waters have a very ancient origin. In prehistoric times, the valley of Fiuggi was a lake that, with the lacustrine sedimentation and volcanism, it is in time filled with a layer of silt, clay, tuff and ash. Today, the water flows through the volcanic layer, enriching itself with benefic components: the secret of the properties of Water Fiuggi is thus in its composition. Popkin, B.M.; D’Anci, K.E.; Rosenberg, I.H. Water, hydration, and health. Nutr. Rev. 2010, 68, 439–458. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef]Christmas tea in the medieval castle of Fumone (euro 70,00 per person), to be confirmed at the time of booking Gajengi, A.K.; Wagaskar, V.G.; Tanwar, H.V.; Mhaske, S.; Patwardhan, S.K. Metabolic Evaluation in Paediatric Urolithiasis: A 4-Year Open Prospective Study. J. Clin. Diagn. Res. 2016, 10, Pc04–Pc06. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] Remer, T.; Dimitriou, T.; Manz, F. Dietary potential renal acid load and renal net acid excretion in healthy, free-living children and adolescents. Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 2003, 77, 1255–1260. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] [ PubMed][ Green Version] The secret of the water lies in its composition. Its source is located at the foot of the Ercini mountains, in the region of Lazio, central Italy. With lake sedimentation and volcanic phenomena, the soil has been enriched with a layer of silt, clay, tuffs and ashes. Today, the water is enriched with substances beneficial to health that purify the body and contribute to one’s well-being. The outdoor swimming pools, the panoramic and the semi-Olympic pool from 1929, among the oldest in Italy, make you appreciate the time spent outside in heavenly peace. The SPA with its wellness and medical treatments is available to guests, and the advice of our experts will allow you to complete and expand the experience.

Smith, J.; Stapleton, F.B. Kidney Stones in Children: Prevention of Recurrent Stones. Available online: https://www.uptodate.com/contents/kidney-stones-in-children-prevention-of-recurrent-stones (accessed on 6 September 2022). Hernandez, J.D.; Ellison, J.S.; Lendvay, T.S. Current Trends, Evaluation, and Management of Pediatric Nephrolithiasis. JAMA Pediatr. 2015, 169, 964–970. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] Coen, G.; Sardella, D.; Barbera, G.; Ferrannini, M.; Comegna, C.; Ferazzoli, F.; Dinnella, A.; D’Anello, E.; Simeoni, P. Urinary Composition and Lithogenic Risk in Normal Subjects following Oligomineral versus Bicarbonate-Alkaline High Calcium Mineral Water Intake. Urol. Int. 2001, 67, 49–53. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] [ PubMed] Palazzo Falconi is also interesting, with 18th-century interiors of a certain value for decoration and furnishing, while outside the historic center are Piazza Trento and Trieste, which overlooks the Palazzo Comunale, a building built in the 1920s. Among the religious buildings, the Church of San Biagio, dedicated to the patron saint of Fiuggi, is the best known. This was confirmed to me by Lucia, a woman of a certain age, shall we say, who told me she came to Fiuggi because of her kidney stones, but her husband joined her because the waters, in her carefully chosen words, “made him more active.”

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Samotyjek, J.; Jurkiewicz, B.; Krupa, A. Surgical treatment methods of urolithiasis in the pediatric population. Dev. Period. Med. 2018, 22, 88–93. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] [ PubMed] Loved by Michelangelo, Fiuggi mineral water is a natural medicine, Italy’s pride and natural wonder. This famous and unique water has no match anywhere in the world.

Kidney stone disease (KSD) is a recurrent condition affecting an increasing number of individuals worldwide. [ 1] Following an initial episode of stones, the risk of experiencing further episodes is 50% more likely within the first 5 years. [ 2] With this comes a significant financial burden for both health care services because of increased admissions and interventions, and the individuals themselves, because of time taken off work. [ 3] Moudi, E.; Ghaffari, R.; Moradi, A. Pediatric Nephrolithiasis: Trend, Evaluation and Management: A Systematic Review. J. Pediatr. Rev. 2016; in press. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef]

Anna Batisti, Fiuggi’s technical director, has worked at the spa for thirty years. She told me the waters cured Pope Boniface VIII (1235-1303) of a severe case of kidney stones. She said that as soon as word of the pope’s miraculous recovery spread among the ambassadors to the Vatican, casks of Fiuggi water were sent to Europe’s reigning monarchs. Silverio, F.; Ricciuti, G.; D’Angelo, A.; Fraioli, A.; Simeoni, G. Stone Recurrence after Lithotripsy in Patients with Recurrent Idiopathic Calcium Urolithiasis: Efficacy of Treatment with Fiuggi Water. Eur. Urol. 2000, 37, 145–148. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] Amancio, L.; Fedrizzi, M.; Bresolin, N.L.; Penido, M.G. Pediatric urolithiasis: Experience at a tertiary care pediatric hospital. J. Bras. Nefrol. 2016, 38, 90–98. [ Google Scholar] [ CrossRef] On-Premise and Office Boardroom Waters (such as Whitehole Springs, Sole Arte, Hildon, Belu, Deeside etc...),

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